Planning the merge of KVM/arm64

Paolo Bonzini pbonzini at
Tue Jun 4 11:51:41 EDT 2013

Il 04/06/2013 17:43, Christoffer Dall ha scritto:
> Hi Paolo,
> I don't think this is an issue. Gleb and Marcelo for example pulled
> RMK's stable tree for my KVM/ARM updates for the 3.10 merge window and
> that wasn't an issue.  If Linus pulls the kvm/next tree first the
> diffstat should be similar and everything clean enough, no?
> Catalin has previously expressed his wish to upstream the kvm/arm64
> patches directly through him given the churn in a completely new
> architecture and he wants to make sure that everything looks right.
> It's a pretty clean implementation with quite few dependencies and
> merging as a working series should be a priority instead of the
> Kconfig hack, imho.

Ok, let's see what Gleb says.


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