[PATCH 1/1] Fix segfault in DTC

Jon Loeliger jdl at jdl.com
Fri Sep 28 14:53:33 EDT 2012

> > 
> > Yeah, seems like the kernel DTC is quite old.
> FYI, I'm working on a patch to the kernel to bring in the latest dtc.

Awesome.  Thank you.

> I've run a regression test vs. the old dtc in the kernel ...

Which is the icky step.  Again, thank you.

> ... and found that
> some of the PowerPC .dts files don't compile with the new dtc (but did
> with the old), all due to non-existent labels/paths being referenced.
> I'll try and track down whether this is a regression in dtc, or simply
> buggy .dts files that weren't noticed before.

I think you should just smack the PowerPC guys. :-)

> Everything non-PowerPC works fine, and most PowerPC files work fine.
> Where compilation succeeds, the md5sum of the .dtb is identical in every
> case.



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