[GIT PULL RESEND] arm-soc: vt8500: Convert mach-vt8500 to devicetree

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Fri Sep 21 05:17:41 EDT 2012

On Friday 21 September 2012, Tony Prisk wrote:
> > I plan to submit a new framebuffer driver for 3.8 which could be
> > modified to use the helper when its in 3.8 (assuming it doesn't make
> > 3.7) - or the existing framebuffer driver could be patched to use the
> > of_helper. I realise this creates a bit of churn on the framebuffer
> > code, but more than likely its going to occur anyway if the new driver
> > is accepted.

Slightly unrelated, but what is the state of this driver? I believe
"modern" drivers are supposed to register as a kernel modesetting
driver to the drivers/gpu/drm framwork rather than the traditional
drivers/video infrastructure.

> To clarify, I have made the following changes to try bringing the code
> in line with the videomode_helper patch. I guess this is really a
> question for Rob - Does this help??

From all I can tell, the vt8500 platform code in the current (v3.6)
version is rather broken due to bitrot, and I think we should take
your code in the fixed version unless Rob has any serious objections.

You have done a great job on cleaning it up and I'd love to see this
all working again in 3.7, even if we have to adapt the bindings
in 3.8.


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