[PATCH v2 07/13] misc: Versatile Express config infrastructure

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Wed Sep 19 09:08:43 EDT 2012

On Tuesday 18 September 2012, Pawel Moll wrote:

> Hi Arnd,
> As it doesn't seem to be a "bus" any more, I left it in in misc for
> now... It looks to me like there should be some kind of place for
> "system/soc control" drivers. Or maybe there is, and I just missed
> it?

We've discussed a generic system controller framework in the past,
but it hasn't happened so far.  Dong Aisheng has posted a
"syscon" driver a few times, and it could eventually merge with
this one.

For now, I'd suggest you put this driver into drivers/mfd together
with the other part from your patch 8.


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