[PATCH v3] video: Versatile Express DVI output driver

Pawel Moll pawel.moll at arm.com
Tue Oct 30 11:58:52 EDT 2012

Hello again Florian,

On Tue, 2012-10-16 at 17:30 +0100, Pawel Moll wrote:
> Versatile Express' DVI video output can be connected to one the three
> sources - motherboard's CLCD controller or a video signal generated
> by one of the daughterboards.
> This driver configures the muxer FPGA so the output displays content
> of one of the framebuffers in the system (0 by default, can be changed
> by user writing to the "fb" sysfs attribute of the muxfpga device).
> It will also set up the display formatter mode and keep it up
> to date with mode changes requested by the user (eg. with fbset
> tool).
> Signed-off-by: Pawel Moll <pawel.moll at arm.com>

It's just a polite a friendly nag regarding this patch - it's been 2
weeks since I posted this version (and 1.5 month since the first one)...

Does it look good enough or completely wrong?



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