irq_set_chained_handler() called too early for hwirq to be initialized

Roland Stigge stigge at
Sun Oct 28 11:56:57 EDT 2012


consider arch/arm/mach-lpc32xx/irq.c: irq_set_chained_handler() is
called at a point where it accesses
irq_to_desc(IRQ_LPC32XX_SUB2IRQ)->irq_data.hwirq but which is not yet

(This bug just surfaced on lpc32xx when the chained interrupt controller
SIC2 wasn't working. SIC1 does, but just by chance: The uninitialized
value 0 is just coincidentally the correct one.)

...->hwirq is actually defined only later on in lpc32xx_init_irq() at
irq_domain_add_legacy(). Ideally, I would just move the
irq_set_chained_handler() calls to after of_irq_init() and
irq_domain_add_legacy(). Is this OK or does this produce any race condition?

Thanks in advance,


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