[PATCH 1/2] arm: mvebu: increase atomic coherent pool size for armada 370/XP

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Thu Oct 25 07:27:36 EDT 2012

On Wednesday 24 October 2012, Gregory CLEMENT wrote:
> For Armada 370/XP we have the same problem that for the commit
> cb01b63, so we applied the same solution: "The default 256 KiB
> coherent pool may be too small for some of the Kirkwood devices, so
> increase it to make sure that devices will be able to allocate their
> buffers with GFP_ATOMIC flag"
> Signed-off-by: Gregory CLEMENT <gregory.clement at free-electrons.com>

Do you know why the ATA driver needs this? I find it surprising that
it's necessary, so I'd like to make sure we're not just working around
a device driver bug here.


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