[PATCH 0/2] qt1070 & gpio_keys add pinctrl consumer

Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD plagnioj at jcrosoft.com
Tue Oct 23 09:16:27 EDT 2012


	The following patch series add the pinctrl support to the follwing

	 - gpio_keys
	 - qt1070

	The pinctrl is optionnal as not everyone need it

	If no objection I'll apply them via at91 as I have a long patch series
	of pinctrl for at91

Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD (2):
      input: qt1070: add pinctrl consumer
      input: gpio_keys: add pinctrl consumer

 drivers/input/keyboard/gpio_keys.c |   11 +++++++++++
 drivers/input/keyboard/qt1070.c    |   11 +++++++++++
 2 files changed, 22 insertions(+)

Best Regards,

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