OMAP baseline test results for v3.7-rc1

Paul Walmsley paul at
Sat Oct 20 02:14:09 EDT 2012

Hi Jean

On Fri, 19 Oct 2012, Paul Walmsley wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Oct 2012, Paul Walmsley wrote:
> > Here are some basic OMAP test results for Linux v3.7-rc1.
> > Logs and other details at


> > Failing tests: needing investigation
> > ------------------------------------
> >
> > Boot tests:
> * 3530ES3 Beagle: I2C timeouts during userspace init
>   - May be related to the threaded IRQ conversion of the I2C driver
>   - Unknown cause

This one turned out to be caused by:

commit 3db11feffc1ad2ab9dea27789e6b5b3032827adc
Author: Jean Pihet <jean.pihet at>
Date:   Thu Sep 20 18:08:03 2012 +0200

    ARM: OMAP: convert I2C driver to PM QoS for MPU latency constraints

Reverting this commit causes the problem to go away, but since the OMAP PM 
constraint code was removed as well, it's unlikely that a simple revert is 
the right thing to do.

Jean could you please investigate and fix this?

- Paul

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