[PATCH v2 0/8] ARM: mostly harmless gcc warnings

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Tue Oct 9 16:13:50 EDT 2012

Most patches from the first time this was posted have been
adopted by a subsystem maintainer or were show to be obsolete.
Here are the remaining ones again.

I'm planning to submit those patches that are still necessary
by the time we have an -rc1 through the arm-soc tree, but
my preference is still to have them go through the subsystem

Olof: should we add it to for-next?


Arnd Bergmann (8):
  SCSI: ARM: ncr5380/oak uses no interrupts
  SCSI: ARM: make fas216_dumpinfo function conditional
  mm/slob: use min_t() to compare ARCH_SLAB_MINALIGN
  USB: EHCI: mark ehci_orion_conf_mbus_windows __devinit
  clk: don't mark clkdev_add_table as init
  pcmcia: sharpsl: don't discard sharpsl_pcmcia_ops
  video: mark nuc900fb_map_video_memory as __devinit
  spi/s3c64xx: use correct dma_transfer_direction type

 drivers/clk/clkdev.c            |    2 +-
 drivers/pcmcia/pxa2xx_sharpsl.c |    2 +-
 drivers/scsi/arm/fas216.c       |    2 +-
 drivers/scsi/arm/oak.c          |    1 +
 drivers/spi/spi-s3c64xx.c       |    2 +-
 drivers/usb/host/ehci-orion.c   |    2 +-
 drivers/video/nuc900fb.c        |    2 +-
 mm/slob.c                       |    6 +++---
 8 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)


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