[PATCH] ARM: OMAP2+: timer: remove CONFIG_OMAP_32K_TIMER

Jon Hunter jon-hunter at ti.com
Thu Nov 8 14:16:28 EST 2012

On 11/08/2012 12:59 PM, Hiremath, Vaibhav wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 09, 2012 at 00:24:23, Hunter, Jon wrote:
>> On 11/08/2012 01:59 AM, Igor Grinberg wrote:
>> [snip]
>>> There is no reliable way to determine which source should be used in runtime
>>> for boards that do not have the 32k oscillator wired.
>> So thinking about this some more and given that we are moving away from
>> board files, if a board does not provide a 32kHz clock source, then this
>> should be reflected in the device-tree source file for that board.
>> Hence, at boot time we should be able to determine if a 32kHz clock
>> source can be used.
> Let me feed some more thoughts here :)
> The way it is being detected currently is based on timer idle status bit.
> I am worried that, this is the only option we have.

Why not use device-tree to indicate the presence of a 32k clock source?
This seems like a board level configuration and so device-tree seems to
be the perfect place for this IMO.


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