[PATCH 00/18] DT enablement for Snowball

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Thu May 17 17:25:14 EDT 2012

On Thursday 17 May 2012, Lee Jones wrote:
> Hopefully the penultimate large patch-stack for Snowball
> enablement. After that only bits and bobs will remain.

Hi Lee,

I'm quite happy with the series overall, but it's really late for v3.5 now,
and I can't really judge the quality of the regulator changes. If LinusW,
Mark, Grant and Olof are all ok with this series, I think we can add it
in as a late branch for the 3.5 merge window. If there are serious
objections I think we should do it for 3.6 instead.

I've commented on one patch that looks wrong to me, but it won't be hard
to fix that.


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