L1 & L2 cache flush sequence on CortexA5 MPcore w.r.t low power modes

Murali N nalajala.murali at gmail.com
Mon May 14 03:03:04 EDT 2012

Hi All,
I have a query on cache flush sequence being followed for L1 & L2
while target going into deep low power state on CortexA5 MPCore.
Here are the H/W details & the cache flush sequence i am following in
my power driver:

H/W details:
1.        APPS processor: CortexA5 MPCore
2.        L2 controller: External PL310 r3p2

a) While target is going into deep low power mode (where APPS
processor + L2 loose their power) currently I am following the below
cache flush sequence.

1. L2 cache clean & invalidate
2. L2 disable
3. L1 clean & invalidate
4. L1 disable
5. WFI

b) But when I look the PL310 r3p2 TRM (page no 91) explains the
sequence to be followed is bit difference than what I am following.

1. L1 clean & invalidate
2. L1 disable
3. L2 cache clean & invalidate
4. L2 disable
5. WFI

Is it mandatory that I would follow only the sequence that is
mentioned in the TRM (i.e. b)? (OR) though TRM says above sequence
(i.e. b) can i still follow the steps (i.e. a)?
What are problems that I see, if I don’t follow what TRM says & follow
the sequence which I have mentioned above (i.e. a)?

Also I have worked on another target with CortexA5 (Single core with
same L2 pl310 controller) where i have followed the sequence ‘a’ for
quite a long time and don’t see any data corruption issues.

Here my question is, is the above sequence ‘b’ something special for
only CortexA5MPCore targets to follow?

>From the system stability wise I don’t see any improvement after I
moved to a sequence mentioned in the TRM (i.e. b) for CortexA5 MPCore

Please provide your valuable inputs if you guys have seen similar
issues on other targets?

Murali N

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