[PATCH 1/2] mtd: gpmi: add device tree support to gpmi-nand

Huang Shijie b32955 at freescale.com
Fri May 4 00:30:43 EDT 2012

> Any chance you can add some information on what kind of mtd tests were 
> done with this code change and on what platform?
I did bonnie++ test, and mtd_speed test on mx28evk board.
> Also if one wanted to test this patch say on mx28 based hardware, one 
> should apply this patch against arm-soc tree, top of the 3.5-next tree?
If you only want to test this on mx28 based hardware, you can just apply 
this patch against the arm-soc tree, top of the 3.5-next tree.
But you still need some extra mxs-dma patches (and maybe do some 
hardcode for pinctl) to make the gpmi-nand driver work.

Best Regards
Huang Shijie

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