[PATCH 05/11] OMAPDSS: add clk_prepare and clk_unprepare

Mike Turquette mturquette at ti.com
Tue Jun 26 20:47:10 EDT 2012

On 20120625-16:14, Tomi Valkeinen wrote:
> A question about clk_prepare/unprepare, not directly related: let's say
> I have a driver for some HW block. The driver doesn't use clk functions,
> but uses runtime PM. The driver also sets pm_runtime_irq_safe().
> Now, the driver can call pm_runtime_get_sync() in an atomic context, and
> this would lead to the underlying framework (hwmod, omap_device, I don't
> know who =) enabling the func clock for that HW. But this would happen
> in atomic context, so the underlying framework can't use clk_prepare.
> How does the underlying framework handle that case? (sorry if that's a
> stupid question =).

I think it's a good question!

If we're going to call clk_prepare_enable from within a runtime pm
callback then I think we'll need to check if _irq_safe() is set and
conditionally call only clk_enable in such a case.

I'm not a runtime pm expert, but if the driver owns the responsibility
of calling pm_runtime_irq_safe then the driver has the proper context
to know that it should call clk_prepare BEFORE calling

However if some other framework (outside of the driver) calls
pm_runtime_irq_safe then it will be difficult for the driver to know
what to do...


>  Tomi

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