[PATCH v3 0/4] syscall_trace fixes and cleanups

Will Deacon will.deacon at arm.com
Fri Jun 15 11:58:03 EDT 2012


This is version 3 of the patches originally posted here:

  v1: http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-arm-kernel/2012-May/097748.html
  v2: http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-arm-kernel/2012-June/103281.html

The only changes from v2 are that the series is now based on -rc2 and
I've added Al and Eric to CC. Functionally it is identical.

All feedback welcome,


Will Deacon (4):
  audit: arm: only allow syscall auditing for pure EABI userspace
  ARM: entry: don't bother with syscall tracing on ret_from_fork path
  ARM: audit: move syscall auditing until after ptrace SIGTRAP handling
  ARM: ptrace: provide separate functions for tracing syscall

 arch/arm/kernel/entry-common.S |   20 +++++-------------
 arch/arm/kernel/ptrace.c       |   42 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 init/Kconfig                   |    2 +-
 3 files changed, 37 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)


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