[PATCH v5 06/14] ARM: OMAP2+: gpmc: CS configuration helper

Mohammed, Afzal afzal at ti.com
Wed Jun 13 01:35:00 EDT 2012

Hi Jon,

On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 23:36:17, Hunter, Jon wrote:

> Well it is unclear what the code flow is for using this helper as this
> change simply adds the helper. If someone other function is writing to
> the CONFIG1 register before this function, then you may wish to
> highlight the programming sequence in the changelog or at least describe
> why this function performs a read-modify-write and not just a write.

Logic followed here: CS configuration helper needs to worry only about
bits that are relevant for CS configuration and don't alter any other

Same is applicable for time setting helper.


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