[RFC 00/24] Move OMAP2+ over to use COMMON clock

Rajendra Nayak rnayak at ti.com
Mon Jun 4 04:38:10 EDT 2012

On Friday 01 June 2012 07:07 PM, Paul Walmsley wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Jun 2012, Rajendra Nayak wrote:
>> This RFC series is based of Mikes' latest clk-next. I will
>> rebase it once 3.5-rc1 is out and post with more testing thats
>> in progress. Meanwhile, the RFC is for me to get some early
>> feedback on the patches.
> Please describe further what's been tested with this series, and what
> hasn't been.

Hi Paul,

I have been mostly boot-testing on the OMAP3/4 boards I have access to, 
3430SDP, 3630 Beagle, 4430 Panda/SDP. Apart from this I was using
omapconf to run the clkspeed audit tests on OMAP4.
I used powerdebug to make sure the tree modeling (parent/child
relations, clk rates etc) are sane after bootup.
I haven't done any low power tests around suspend/idle for OMAP3
or OMAP4 which is on my list to do before I do a repost/rebase on
3.5-rc1. And so is testing on OMAP2430sdp and N800. Any other tests
you recommend I do?

Meanwhile it would be good to know if you see any major issues around
the migration itself and/or the way the patches are structured.


> - Paul

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