[PATCH v2 12/19] ARM: at91/rtc-at91sam9: each SoC can select the RTT device to use

Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD plagnioj at jcrosoft.com
Wed Feb 22 11:24:42 EST 2012

On 14:50 Wed 22 Feb     , Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 February 2012, Nicolas Ferre wrote:
> > From: Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD <plagnioj at jcrosoft.com>
> > 
> > For the RTT as RTC driver rtc-at91sam9, the platform_device structure
> > is filled during SoC initialization. This will allow to convert this
> > RTC driver as a standard platform driver.
> Can you make this more elaborate? I don't see from this or the code why
> you don't just always register the RTT as "rtc-at91sam9". There seems to
> be no driver for the "at91_rtt" in tree, so I don't know if there is
> an out of tree driver binding to it.
> Would it be possible to remove the compile time #if and the resetting
> of the device name if both drivers bind to the rtc name and the other
> rtt driver binds to both names?
because I see a quite some people use the rtt for something else

so I don't want to change on existing kernel

Best Regards,

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