How to get the irq flags from the dts file

Arnd Bergmann arnd at
Thu Aug 9 07:48:42 EDT 2012

On Thursday 09 August 2012, Wei Ni wrote:
> In the wlan driver, it will use platform_get_resource() to get the
> res->irq, res->flags, the irq number is right, but the flags will be
> The wlan driver wish this flags include the IRQF_TRGGER_* information,
> and it will use this flags to configure other hw settings. If it is
> wrong, the wlan can't work.
> I checked drivers/of/irq.c, in function of_irq_to_resource(), it will
> set r->flags = IORESOURCE_IRQ directly, not read the flags from the dtb
> file. And I didn't find any of_xx api to get this flags.
> How can I get this flags, does anyone has suggestion?

The driver should not need to know about thie flag. It gets read
by irq_create_of_mapping when calling teh xlate function and
gets set using irq_set_irq_type from there too.


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