[PATCH] i2c-gpio.c: correct logic of pdata->scl_is_open_drain

Voss, Nikolaus N.Voss at weinmann.de
Tue Nov 1 04:02:08 EDT 2011

> It is never correct to use push-pull I/O for i2c, so the flag does not
> specify the desired behavior of the driver, it specifies what the
> hardware has been configured to do so that the driver can choose the
> cheapest way to do open-drain I/O.

Ok, seems rather logical after all.

> And even if you could argue that the flag should be inverted, it has
> had the same meaning since the driver was introduced several years
> ago, so changing it now will break every single platform which
> currently uses i2c-gpio.

I completely agree.

Thanks for the explanation,

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