[PATCH] kirkwood: add dir-665 support

Hirundo Cam camhirundo at gmail.com
Tue May 3 23:00:40 EDT 2011

Hi Mike and Simon

2011/5/4 Hirundo Cam <camhirundo at gmail.com>:
> Hi Mike and Simon,
> I've send a machine submit to arm-linux, it generated the mach-types as
> [stripped]
> mx51_moray              MACH_MX51_MORAY         MX51_MORAY              3484
> thales_cbc              MACH_THALES_CBC         THALES_CBC              3485
> bluepoint               MACH_BLUEPOINT          BLUEPOINT               3486
> dir665                  MACH_DIR665             DIR665                  3487
> Is this correct for the DIR665 board using mv88f6281 chips?

Is this implied that I could get rid of the modification to mach-type
in my patch?

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