[PATCH 1/5] ASoC: wm8731: rework power management

Nicolas Ferre nicolas.ferre at atmel.com
Thu Jun 30 09:57:12 EDT 2011

Le 29/06/2011 19:11, Mark Brown :
> On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 08:00:15PM +0200, Nicolas Ferre wrote:
> Don't mix multiple changes into a single patch!  There's no perceptible
> code overlap between these so I don't understand why you've merged them,
> it just makes review harder and the changelog less descriptive.


>> - preserve crystal oscillator across suspend/resume sequence:
>>   enabled by default, it should be kept enabled on resume.
> This isn't what your code does...
>>  		snd_soc_write(codec, WM8731_ACTIVE, 0x0);
>> -		snd_soc_write(codec, WM8731_PWR, 0xffff);
>> +		/* standby: keep crystal oscillator enabled */
>> +		snd_soc_write(codec, WM8731_PWR, 0x00df);
> This doesn't keep the crystal oscillator enabled, this forces it on in
> suspend (and without looking at the datasheet it also changes way more
> than the one register bit I'd expect to be changed).  If the system
> isn't using the oscillator then that's not good.
> I'd expect to see a change to using snd_soc_update_bits() based on your
> description, or more likely something more involved.

First of all, I experienced issues while not having OSC enabled during suspend/resume cycle. Am I right supposing that, if using oscillator to clock the codec, I have to keep it running during a suspend/resume cycle?

Is something like this sounds like an acceptable option or we need something more sophisticated?

@@ -481,7 +481,10 @@ static int wm8731_set_bias_level(struct snd_soc_codec *codec,
        case SND_SOC_BIAS_OFF:
                snd_soc_write(codec, WM8731_ACTIVE, 0x0);
-               snd_soc_write(codec, WM8731_PWR, 0xffff);
+               reg = 0xdf;
+               if (wm8731->sysclk_type == WM8731_SYSCLK_XTAL)
+                               reg |= 1 << 0x5;
+               snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8731_PWR, 0x00ff, reg);

And, yes, there is only 8 bits dedicated to power down control in this register.

Best regards,
Nicolas Ferre

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