[PATCH 06/10] omap2+: Remove gptimer_wakeup for now

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Mon Jun 27 04:08:05 EDT 2011

* Santosh Shilimkar <santosh.shilimkar at ti.com> [110623 08:09]:
> On 6/23/2011 8:35 PM, Kevin Hilman wrote:
> >Tony Lindgren<tony at atomide.com>  writes:
> >
> >So now, the only thing OMAP-specific is the debugfs file used to trigger
> >it.
> >
> >>Maybe Kevin can just carry it along in the PM branch for now?
> >
> >I'd prefer to keep it in mainline as this is a very important feature
> >for the PM functionality already in mainline.
> >
> I agree with Kevin and that's what have been saying from begining when
> we decided to drop this feature. The new patch from Kevin is already
> doing this in more generic way than that was before.

To me Kevin's later patch makes more sense, but still has few issues:

- It keeps the dependency between PM debug code and sys_timer code.
  That's yet another artificial blocker for making PM code a loadable
  module. We really don't want to export anything from the sys_timer code.

- The interface for programming a wake-up timer should be Linux generic,
  not omap specific.

Further, it's a CONFIG_PM_DEBUG patch. So that code should not be
in the mainline kernel.



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