I can' t compile a new kernel version

Baurzhan Ismagulov ibr at radix50.net
Fri Jun 24 15:53:03 EDT 2011

On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 08:31:05PM +0200, Jorge Yesid Rios Ortiz wrote:
> I tried update many times the linux's kernel and different versions of
> kernels
> I download different versions of ARM's toolchains (like code sourcery
> lite version http://www.codesourcery.com/sgpp/lite/arm and others
> more), this toolchains isn't working for me and my embedded system.

What did you compile with which toolchain, and what happened (which you
describe as "isn't working")?

I assume you have sources for your Linux 2.6.16 and can build it with
your gcc 3.3.2, and it actually boots.

I think you'll need to port your board support to the stock kernel,
otherwise it isn't going to work.

With kind regards,

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