[PATCH 2/8] ARM: dma-mapping: implement dma_map_single on top of dma_map_page

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Fri Jun 24 11:24:20 EDT 2011

On Monday 20 June 2011, Marek Szyprowski wrote:
> > This also breaks dmabounce when used with a highmem-enabled system -
> > dmabounce refuses the dma_map_page() API but allows the dma_map_single()
> > API.
> I really not sure how this change will break dma bounce code. 
> Does it mean that it is allowed to call dma_map_single() on kmapped HIGH_MEM 
> page?

dma_map_single on a kmapped page already doesn't work, the argument needs to
be inside of the linear mapping in order for virt_to_page to work.


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