[PATCH 1/2] omap2+: pm: Use if...else instead of goto

Santosh Shilimkar santosh.shilimkar at ti.com
Fri Jun 24 08:59:11 EDT 2011

On 6/24/2011 6:24 PM, Premi, Sanjeev wrote:
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>> From: Shilimkar, Santosh
>> Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 6:18 PM
>> To: Premi, Sanjeev
>> Cc: linux-omap at vger.kernel.org; linux-arm-kernel at lists.infradead.org
>> Subject: Re: [PATCH 1/2] omap2+: pm: Use if...else instead of goto
>> On 6/24/2011 4:05 PM, Sanjeev Premi wrote:
>>> This patch replaces the use of goto with simple
>>> if...else syntax. No change in functionality.
>>> This also means that the comment describing the
>>> dependency between CONFIG_SMP and calculation
>>> of loops_per_jiffy can be unified.
>>> Signed-off-by: Sanjeev Premi<premi at ti.com>
>>> ---
>> Don't see need of this patch as well considering your second patch.
>> So NAK.
> [sp] May be it isn't needed - but it surely highlights some
>       bad code that does find way upstream.
If you think of using if else makes code better than use
of goto, then I just ignore your comment. Because that means
core scheduler code is also bad as per your remark which makes
use of goto.


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