parallel load of modules on an ARM multicore

Catalin Marinas catalin.marinas at
Thu Jun 23 10:52:29 EDT 2011


On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 04:39:01PM +0200, EXTERNAL Waechtler Peter (Fa. TCP, CM-AI/PJ-CF31) wrote:
> it's interesting that you almost agree with me.
> But isn't it really expensive to flush the icache on switch_mm?
> Is that meant as a test to see if the problem goes away?

Who said anything about flushing the icache on switch_mm()? My patch
doesn't do this, it actually reduces the amount of cache flushing on

> Wouldn't it suffice to get_cpu/put_cpu to disable preemption while
> load_module() works?

It may work, just give it a try.

> I think the other way will cause trouble: the module is loaded on
> cpu0 for example, preempted, woken up on cpu1 with a stale icache
> line not holding the "newly loaded code" and running mod->init peng!
> Nobody told cpu1 to revalidate it's icache.
> Don't know if this is possible though.

That's possible as well if the pages allocated for the module code have
been previously used for other code.

To resolve the stale I-cache lines, you would have to broadcast the
cache maintenance to all the CPUs. For the D-cache we could trick the
CPU via some reading to force the dirty cache lines migration but that's
not possible for the I-cache.

> The data of the module won't get through the icache anyway.

No but the module is copied into the new allocated space via the
D-cache. This needs to be flushed so that the I-cache would get the
right instructions.

> AFAIK we are not able to reproduce quickly and it will take some
> time before I can try...

OK, just let us know how it goes.


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