Git pull request: 64-bit atomic user helper

Nicolas Pitre nico at
Mon Jun 20 21:54:07 EDT 2011

Russell, please pull the following for the next merge window:

	git:// cmpxchg64

This series cleans up the kuser documentation, then it adds 64-bit
cmpxchg support as needed by some user space applications.

Tested with the initial libgcc patches relying on this, using a 
kernel that has this series applied, and another without those 
patches to verify that the test for the availability of the needed 
helper does work as intended.

Nicolas Pitre (2):
      ARM: kuser: move interface documentation out of the source code
      ARM: add a kuser_cmpxchg64 user space helper

 Documentation/arm/kernel_user_helpers.txt |  267 +++++++++++++++++++++++
 arch/arm/kernel/entry-armv.S              |  246 ++++++++-------------
 2 files changed, 361 insertions(+), 152 deletions(-)


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