[PATCH 0/7] ARM: EXYNOS4: Adds External GIC

Changhwan Youn chaos.youn at samsung.com
Mon Jun 20 03:34:11 EDT 2011

This patch adds implementation External GIC on EXYNOS4 SoC.

Note: need to update timer codes for supporting old type of

[PATCH 1/7] ARM: EXYNOS4: Add external GIC io memory mapping
[PATCH 2/7] ARM: EXYNOS4: modify interrupt mappings for external GIC
[PATCH 3/7] ARM: EXYNOS4: set the affinity of mct1 interrupt using IRQ_MCT_L1
[PATCH 4/7] ARM: GIC: move gic_chip_data structure declaration to header
[PATCH 5/7] ARM: EXYNOS4: Add support external GIC
[PATCH 6/7] ARM: EXYNOS4: Remove clock event timers using ARM private timers
[PATCH 7/7] ARM: EXYNOS4: Add chained enrty/exit function to uart interrupt handler

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