USB serial Gadget is not working under WindowsXp

Ravi ratheendran.s at
Sat Jun 18 00:52:57 EDT 2011

Dear All,

I want to make the USB Gadget to work as a serial port,for this I enabled the
the following in the kernel menuconfig.

*** USB Device Class drivers***
  <*>   USB Modem (CDC ACM) support 
      <*>   USB Gadget Support  ---> 
     <M>   USB Gadget Drivers     
     <M>   Serial Gadget (with CDC ACM and CDC OBEX support)  
For this configuration I am able to get the serial Interface on the Linux host
machine , In widows Xp machine I am facing the driver loading issue.

I have followed all the steps mentioned in the
"Documentation/usb/gadget_serial.txt" document.

Please help me in fixing this issue.


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