Regulator cleanups in mach-omap2, take three

Tony Lindgren tony at
Tue Jun 14 07:47:32 EDT 2011

* green at <green at> [110606 11:54]:
> Hello!
>   This is yet another attempt at some regulator cleanups in mach-omap2 code:
>   Convert all users to REGULATOR_SUPPLY init style and drop the old-style
>   .dev assignment common ins hs_mmc init.
>   I made a test compile and all the individual board files changed compile
>   (I don't have the devices themselves, but similar changes to my
>    device board file are working).
>   For the pandaboard changes - I am not sure what the proper names for those
>   devices would be, so only converted the regulator to array.
>   Big changes since v2:
>   Per Felipe Balbi request converted all regulator supplies to arrays
>   just in case.
>   Also nuked an unneeded comment in cm-t35 board left after
>   assignment removal.

Thanks, applying to devel-cleanup branch for next merge window.


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