linux2.6.35 porting on S3C2416 (USB Host controller driver is not comming Up.)

Ravi ratheendran.s at
Mon Jun 13 05:30:07 EDT 2011

Dear All,

I am trying to port linux- on s3c2416 based board(kit2416).I was
sucessfully able to port kernal,device driver for watchdog,RTC,serialport,LCD
and NAND flash(256MB).

I followed these steps to call these device at boot time.

Include 's3c_device_ohci' in smdk2416_devices structure.
a. static struct platform_device *smdk2416_devices[] __initdata = {
	&s3c_device_lcd, //s3c_device_lcd, 
	&s3c_device_ohci, //USB related config
2. in kernel menuconfig
    [*] USB support  ---> 
    [*]     OHCI HCD support "S3C2416 Machines"
 config MACH_SMDK2416
        bool "SMDK2416"
        select CPU_S3C2416
        select S3C_DEV_FB
        select S3C_DEV_HSMMC
        select S3C_DEV_HSMMC1
        select MACH_SMDK #essl_patch
        select S3C_DEV_NAND #essl_patch
        select S3C_DEV_USB_HOST  # essl_patch

For the above config I am not able to call the driver of USB HOST Controller


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