TI-Davinci 6446 oops on interrupts

Thomas Gleixner tglx at linutronix.de
Mon Jun 6 13:50:29 EDT 2011

On Mon, 6 Jun 2011, Holger Freyther wrote:

> On 06/06/2011 06:32 PM, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> Hi Russell,
> thanks for your time and sorry for sending a truncated kernel oops. In the
> other part of the thread we found that the davinci GPIO code overrides the IRQ
> chip data.
> > Unless we have the Code: line we don't know what the code being executed
> > was.  It's important that folk always report the entire oops dump, not
> > extracts from it that they _think_ may be relevant.
> is it still useful to send a complete oops, or do you think the issue is fully
> understood?

It is. Letting chip data point to something which is not expected by
the generic chip is definitly causing that issue.



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