[PATCH] ARM: mxs: irq_data conversion

Lennert Buytenhek buytenh at wantstofly.org
Fri Jan 21 05:47:42 EST 2011

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 10:27:07AM +0000, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:

> > IMHO doing it the other way round would be better.  (i.e. use a def_bool
> > y for the unconverted platforms and then push that down.)  But maybe
> > this is just a matter of taste.
> > 
> > How should we proceed?  Lennert, do you take my patch?  Should I resend
> > without the select?  IIRC there were send a few other patches (for tegra
> > maybe?).  Don't know if you missed these, too?
> It looks like it's relatively few platforms which were missed:
> arch/arm/mach-msm/gpio-v2.c-    .mask           = msm_gpio_irq_mask,
> arch/arm/mach-msm/gpio-v2.c-    .unmask         = msm_gpio_irq_unmask,
> arch/arm/mach-msm/gpio-v2.c-    .ack            = msm_gpio_irq_ack,
> arch/arm/mach-lh7a40x/irq-kev7a400.c-   .ack    = lh7a400_ack_cpld_irq,
> arch/arm/mach-lh7a40x/irq-kev7a400.c-   .mask   = lh7a400_mask_cpld_irq,
> arch/arm/mach-lh7a40x/irq-kev7a400.c-   .unmask = lh7a400_unmask_cpld_irq,
> arch/arm/mach-vt8500/irq.c-     .ack       = vt8500_irq_mask,
> arch/arm/mach-vt8500/irq.c-     .mask      = vt8500_irq_mask,
> arch/arm/mach-vt8500/irq.c-     .unmask    = vt8500_irq_unmask,
> arch/arm/mach-mxs/gpio.c-       .ack = mxs_gpio_ack_irq,
> arch/arm/mach-mxs/gpio.c-       .mask = mxs_gpio_mask_irq,
> arch/arm/mach-mxs/gpio.c-       .unmask = mxs_gpio_unmask_irq,
> arch/arm/mach-mxs/icoll.c-      .ack = icoll_ack_irq,
> arch/arm/mach-mxs/icoll.c-      .mask = icoll_mask_irq,
> arch/arm/mach-mxs/icoll.c-      .unmask = icoll_unmask_irq,
> vt8500 is new in my tree, so needs to be updated.  The other stuff I
> guessed Lennert missed for one reason or another,

I looked for irq_chips to convert using grep (using a possibly buggy
regexp), and then built all defconfigs with GENERIC_HARDIRQS_NO_DEPRECATED
turned on to check for fallout.  If there's no defconfig (e.g. in the
Tegra case) or the code didn't get built for some other reason, I'll
have missed it.

For msm, gpio-v2.c doesn't get built by any defconfig since
there is no defconfig that sets ARCH_MSM8X60, irq-kev7a400.c is never
even referenced in arch/arm/mach-lh7a40x/Makefile so it never gets
built at all, and the other platforms I didn't see as I built against
-linus and ARM devel-stable rather than against ARM devel.

> so... patches welcome.

I'll submit a patch for the above, and to make sure I'll build all
defconfigs on current -devel as well.

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