[PATCH v2] ARM: Change misleading warning when CONFIG_CMDLINE_FORCE is used

Alexander Holler holler at ahsoftware.de
Wed Jan 12 07:42:37 EST 2011


Am 12.01.2011 10:32, schrieb Uwe Kleine-König:
> Hello Russell,ah, I thought the effect of CONFIG_CMDLINE_FORCE would be its inverse.
> And ok, this is probably about broken boot loaders that I'm just not
> used to.

The real intention of CONFIG_CMD_FORCE was hotplug. Take a device with a 
bootloader wich loads the kernel from the first partition of a 
changeable media (e.g. usb-hd).
Without that option you would have to use the same command line for all 

But I find it also very handy for rescue-kernels and such.



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