SAMSUNG: any example code for soc_camera, tv output, etc...?

Nick Pelling nickpelling at
Thu Feb 17 18:58:19 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

I've just gone through a lot of Samsung platform setup files in 
arch/arm/ , but haven't yet found any Samsung-SoC-based boards 
pre-plumbed into V4L2, nor any that connect up to a TV out (rather 
than to an LCD screen). Is there a repository out there containing 
Samsung Linux source code for these kinds of useful things, or even 
brief documentation on how to do this kind of basic video plumbing?

Even though I'm working on the S5PC100, information about hooking 
sensors into other Samsung SoC platforms would probably be 
sufficient. Alternatively, please say if you know which specific 
file(s) I should be asking Samsung tech support for under NDA (via my 
distributor's tech support).

Thanks, ....Nick Pelling.... // Nanodome Ltd

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