[GIT PULL] ARM: OMAP: I2C: prepare to use hwmod reset in driver

Shubhrajyoti shubhrajyoti at ti.com
Mon Dec 19 12:37:40 EST 2011

On Monday 19 December 2011 10:02 PM, Cousson, Benoit wrote:
> Hi Shubhro,
> On 12/18/2011 9:01 AM, Shubhrajyoti wrote:
> [...]
>> The driver does a reset in the error path.
>> Since we are not supposed to access the sysc reg the function is needed.
> I'm just wondering what will happen to the driver if this callback is
> not provided during the device creation? This is what will happen
> during DT boot for example?
> Is it a mandatory function?
This is used in the recovery mechanism in case of errors like some one
holding the bus and not releasing it etc.

> Thanks,
> Benoit

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