[PATCH 08/14] mmc: mmci: Fixup error handling for dma

Ulf Hansson ulf.hansson at stericsson.com
Mon Dec 19 03:59:36 EST 2011

Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 05, 2011 at 06:35:54PM +0100, Ulf Hansson wrote:
>> When getting a cmd irq during an ongoing data transfer
>> with dma, the dma job were never terminated. This is now
>> corrected.
>> Signed-off-by: Ulf Hansson <ulf.hansson at stericsson.com>
>> Signed-off-by: Per Forlin <per.forlin at stericsson.com>
> I've queued this up in my 'fixes' branch with a Cc to the stable team
> for previous kernels.  I believe this to be appropriate.  Please confirm.


Ulf Hansson

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