[GIT PULL] Samsung devel-1 for v3.3

Kukjin Kim kgene.kim at samsung.com
Sun Dec 18 10:57:00 EST 2011

On 12/17/11 00:22, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Friday 16 December 2011, Kukjin Kim wrote:
>> Please pull next-samsung-devel for v3.3.
>> It includes DT support for EXYNOS, update Cragganmore board and SPI clkdev
>> support. As a note, out of arch/arm/samsung stuff got the ack from regarding
>> maintainers and actually, it has been included in linux-next for long time
>> so I think, it has no problem for v3.3.
>> One more, I need to follow up Russell and some arm consolidation work and
>> one plat-samsung directory and apply some patches in my mail-box ;) It will
>> be sent to you soon.
>> If any problems, please let me know.
> The patches look really good for the most part, but I'd rather not take
> them like this because you have put so many different things into a single
> branch. Your branch is much larger than any of the others that are currently
> queued in arm-soc.
> Can you split it up into separate branches for dt, board and clkdev and
> driver changes or something along those lines?

Sure, I will re-send 'pull request' with separated topic branches.

> A number of changes in here also seem to qualify as cleanups,
> so they might better be held in a branch for that.

I'm not sure which commits are cleanups what you said, but let me sort 
them out again when I re-send.

> I also found one commit that I think should not be there: 25767e69 "ARM:
> EXYNOS: Add ioremap interceptor for statically remapped regions" from
> Thomas Abraham. As far as I know, the work that Nico did on the vmalloc_end
> elimination will conflict with this patch and solve the problem in a better
> way.

Yes, you're right. There are discussions about Nicolas' patch when it 
was submitted and since it was not available at that time, it has been 
added into my tree before 3.2 merge window. Anyway, let me sort it out.

> I have now pulled in everything up to 39cb263ecc "ARM: S3C64XX: Hook up
> VDDINT on Cragganmore" into a samsung/board branch and merged that into
> the next/board branch, because that was easy to do without rebasing.

Well, I think it should be included in next/devel branch, because they 
are developing of Cragganmore boards not adding new board which is the 
purpose of next/board branch what you said. But if you want it, I will.

> The rest should be fairly easy to split up into the branches I mentioned
> if you don't mind rebasing them (best leaving them on v3.2-rc1 though).
> Without rebasing, it would get a bit trickier but we could easily make
> 39ae3685 "ARM: dts: Add intial dts file for EXYNOS4210 SoC, SMDKV310 and
> ORIGEN" the samsung/dt branch and revert the ioremap interceptor on top
> of that. The samsung/clkdev branch probably should depend on the samsung/dt
> branch anyway, so it can remain on top without getting rebased.

Okay, I will.

> I can probably fix this all up (this time) in the way I want it, or let you
> take care of it and send me new pull requests, whichever you prefer.

Let me sort our my branches soon :)


Best regards,
Kukjin Kim <kgene.kim at samsung.com>, Senior Engineer,
SW Solution Development Team, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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