[PATCH V2 7/7] arm/imx6q: add cpufreq support

Richard Zhao richard.zhao at freescale.com
Tue Dec 13 20:29:59 EST 2011

> >> > +static int arm_max_freq_idx;
> >>
> >> This is only used in mx6q_get_cpu_op()
> > I'll move to local var
> >>
> >> Also shouldn't this be initialized with 1? From what you
> >> said 800MHz is safe for all boards whereas 1GHz is not.
> > I'll fix it in next version.
> >
> Richard, I communicated with Hui Liu a couple of weeks ago about the
> possibility of adding a "max_freq" kernel parameter to the i.MX6q
> community u-boot, similiar to what has been done for the BSP u-boot.
> If he is or has done this, it may be better to read and use this
> kernel parameter from u-boot so that the same kernel can be used
> between boards with and without the fix.  I'm not that familiar with
> device tree yet but perhaps it provides another way to handle this.
> Also keep in
Using bootargs, it's what I did in V1 patch. I prefer that way too.


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