[PATCH V2] mfd: Fixed mixed up ADC single channel readout

Uwe Kleine-König u.kleine-koenig at pengutronix.de
Mon Dec 12 12:10:43 EST 2011

On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 06:12:43PM +0100, Samuel Ortiz wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 12:20:47PM +0100, Robin van der Gracht wrote:
> > In single channel mode, when reading the ADC result, the index value
> > is still set to the channel selected for this reading.
> > This mixes up the order of the values returned. This causes problems when
> > the converted results are made available in pairs (i.e. battery current reading)
> > To straighten this up, the index value needs to be reset, so that the
> > converted values are read at the assigned channel.
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Robin van der Gracht <robin at protonic.nl>
> I'm not familiar with the HW, so I'd need Uwe's ACK here.
Off-hand I don't understand that patch. David, I assume you understood
the patch and are OK with it? That would be enough for me.

Best regards

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