[PATCH v4 0/5] ARM: davinci: re-arrange definitions to have a common davinci header

Russell King - ARM Linux linux at arm.linux.org.uk
Mon Dec 12 10:03:34 EST 2011

On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 11:25:11AM +0000, Nori, Sekhar wrote:
> Hi Manju,
> On Thu, Dec 08, 2011 at 19:25:23, Hadli, Manjunath wrote:
> > Re-arrange definitions and remove unnecessary code so that we can
> > have a common header for all davinci platforms. This will enable
> > us to share defines and enable common routines to be used without
> > polluting hardware.h.
> >  This patch set forms the base for a later set of patches for having
> > a common system module base address (DAVINCI_SYSTEM_MODULE_BASE).
> Its easy to dismiss this series as causing "needless churn" by
> moving around definitions from header to C files and consolidating
> definitions from multiple header files to one.
> You need to do a better job of "selling" this series. The best way
> to do that would be to include future patches which benefit from
> this series into this series itself. This way, its clear to judge
> the relative benefit of the "churn". You gave some examples, but
> showing code helps.
> Also, one of the biggest gains from this series is reducing the
> pollution in include/mach as asked by Russell in his "pet peaves"
> mail. That should find reference in the cover letter and in the
> commit text of patch 5/5.

Indeed, and I hope it takes into account (at some point) the restart

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