DMA: PL330: Merge PL330 drivers

Boojin Kim at
Wed Dec 7 20:10:43 EST 2011


PL330 driver is divided into 2 parts.
First is the PL330 API driver that located on driver/dma/.
Second is the low-level PL330 driver that is located on arch/arm/common/.
But, It's not needed anymore to divided PL330 driver into 2 parts
Low-level PL330 driver is only used for PL330 API driver on driver/dma
because samsung specific S3C-PL330 driver was gone.
So, This patch merges 'arch/arm/common/pl330' into 'driver/dma/pl330.c'.

[PATCH 1/2] DMA: PL330: Merge PL330 drivers
[PATCH 2/2] DMA: PL330: Remove an unused function

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