[V2][PATCH 0/6]ARM: fix BE8 mode support

Junxiao Bi junxiao.bi at windriver.com
Thu Dec 8 05:07:46 EST 2011

This is V2 for this series. See V1 at

Changes since V1:
1. Drop the patch "ARM: gic: fix big endian support" since gic
implementation has been changed and it works well in BE mode.

2. remove "read/write_instr*" from the patch 
"ARM: support kernel modules in BE8 mode", and use new helper 
__opcode_to_mem_* and __mem_to_opcode_* to implement it. These 
new helpers come from Dave Martin's patch 
"ARM: Add generic instruction opcode manipulation helpers"

3. split the big endian fix for MTD from the original patch
"ARM: add big endian support for peripheral access" 

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