[PATCH v8 00/20] OMAP2+: UART: Runtime adaptation + cleanup

Kevin Hilman khilman at ti.com
Tue Dec 6 19:21:20 EST 2011

"Govindraj.R" <govindraj.raja at ti.com> writes:

> Converting uart driver to adapt to pm runtime API's.
> Code re-org + cleanup.
> Moving some functionality from serial.c to omap-serial.c

Alan, can you confirm your Ack's are still valid on the drivers/tty
parts of this series?  It has gone through quite a few changes since
your original ack.

Greg, are you ok with this series merging via the OMAP tree since it is
changing arch/arm/mach-omap2/* code as well as the driver, and should go
together.  If so, with your ack (on the drivers/tty/* parts), I'll
handle this series through the OMAP tree.



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