[PATCH 0/4] [orion] move *_mbus_dram_info out of platform_data

Michael Walle michael at walle.cc
Tue Dec 6 13:57:40 EST 2011


> As a step towords device tree support for orion based system, this
> patchset removes the *_mbus_dram_info from platform_data for various
> devices and replaces it with one instance of the strucutre in
> plat-orion and a getter function to retreive it. In order that
> none orion usage of these drivers still work, a dummy function is
> also provided which returns NULL, indicating it is not necassary
> to perform address map setup.
> Boot tested on kirkwood, compile tested on other orion based systems.

For all four patches:

Tested-By: Michael Walle <michael at walle.cc>


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