[GIT PULL] ARM: amba: Enable module alias autogeneration for AMBA drivers

Dave Martin dave.martin at linaro.org
Tue Dec 6 11:18:15 EST 2011

On Tue, Dec 06, 2011 at 04:59:11PM +0100, Alessandro Rubini wrote:
> > ... it looks like Alessandro's proposed change to tidy up scripts/mod/
> > ile2alias.c may get merged soon
> No, I don't think it will happen. Rusty disagrees, and his own
> suggestion is in the queue. I'm waiting a while to understand
> what is happening.
> Anyways, I think it's better for me to wait for amba to come in, and
> work on scripts/mod later on. After all, it's meant to ease adding new
> buses later, not to make it more difficult for already scheduled ones.

OK -- thanks for the clarification.

Russell, it sounds like you shouldn't get a merge conflict with the
original version of the series after all.

For reference, the original pull request is here:



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