AT91: Convert to fasteoi IRQ handler, and remove ARM irq_finish

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior sebastian at
Fri Apr 29 04:22:03 EDT 2011

* Andrew Victor | 2011-04-28 22:03:03 [+0200]:

>hi Sebastian,
Hi Andrew,

>>>> why does this handler mess with the parent irq chip ?
>>>> this looks pretty wrong to me.
>>>This is a chained-handler, and without that line the end-of-interrupt
>>>doesn't seem to be signalled.
>> Most chain handler don't mess with other irq chips. Why is the parent
>> irq hanlder set level and not eoi? Wouldn't this make this superflous?
>This patch changes the parent from level to eoi.

Yes. So why does your gpio chip still call ->irq_eoi() of the parent
irq-chip? This is done by done the eoi-handler of the parent.


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