[PATCH 09/14] at91: switch pit timer to early platform devices

Russell King - ARM Linux linux at arm.linux.org.uk
Thu Apr 28 14:15:02 EDT 2011

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 06:56:32PM +0200, Andrew Victor wrote:
> hi,
> > > And that's another reason to say no to this.  Please stop inventing new
> > > ways to do things unless you're prepared to provide it as a replacement
> > > for all the (ARM) platforms we have in the kernel.
> > Personally I do not change the current arm way
> > 
> > I init the timer during system_timer->init
> > 
> > I just the the early device their to pass the resources
> > but if switch all arm timer this way is fine to you I'm ready to do the whole
> > update
> Well, attached is a simpler way of passing the base-address to the timer
> drivers.  It will solve the timer issues with a single kernel supporting
> multiple AT91 processors.
> I think it would be cleaner still if the "struct sys_timer" could
> include a register-base-address field.  Russell?

That's not really what all platforms want, and with the advent of
clocksources and clock events, I think the sys_timer thing is mostly

I've been thinking about killing it off for a while for those platforms
using the GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS stuff.  From what I can see, the only
real users of it are: acorn (riscpc), at91x40, clps711x, ebsa110,
ep93xx, h720x, ixp2000, ixp23xx, ks8695, nuc93x, pnx4008, and samsung.

It would be nice to get the modern stuff out of that converted to the
clockevents/clocksource stuff - any chance of that happening for

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